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I’m New and I’m Trying

So, it seems that with every new experience this phrase, “I’m new and I’m trying” comes out of my mouth. Why you ask? Because that way when I screw up, I can use that as an excuse, and if I don’t screw up, it makes me look better than awesome… sawesome!

Binder gave me this link as I have many useless and random thoughts that come to me, and I normally have my computer with me cause I’m a huge dork… that and Facebook was getting boring… I keep getting emails about how inactive pages will be deleted… like I care if you delete me, that means I can start all over again and pretend I don’t know half the people on my list… I looked today and I have 624 friends. I seriously don’t know if I know all of them, but apparently they know me.
I could go on about the book of the face, but I digress. Check back with me, and I’ll tell you anecdotes, laugh, cry, drink and be merry on this thingy. Maybe I’ll figure out how to link to things that make me laugh and then you too can laugh along.