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I Hereby and Forthwith Strip You of Your Title

I would like to make it known that I have copyrighted this face:

Throughout the previous months, it has come to my attention that some of you have misappropriated my intellectual property of my copyrighted face throughout the media format of Facebook. You may not be aware, but I, Amberley B. am the registered owner of the Trademark:

in Canada with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, (which,I’ve never actually heard of; can’t tell you where it’s located and have no idea what vain of the law made me the owner of such a face).

Isn’t that a ridiculous few sentences? Yes. I think so too, as I actually HAVE seen many photos along those lines posted by various people throughout Facebook, but really, who can trademark a face? A funny face at that? No one, and I doubt even our government under the ruling of one Stephen Harper is stupid enough to allow such a trademark to be had.  I even find it absurd that someone owns the rights to the song Happy Birthday. That’s like owning the rights to the music of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s the same friggin’ notes as the alphabet for goodness sake.

Anyways, what this all stems from is a term that I once thought to be at the VERY least a Southern Ontario right of passage as a musician, although I’m sure it spans far beyond even the Canadian borders. But I don’t have proof, so I can’t claim that it’s true.

Battle of the Bands’ for a.. band is, well, one of the few ways to play any shows as an under-ager, and a great way to network as we get older. The high points of these competitions is that a variety of genres can all be put up against the other, making the crowds diverse, unique, and open to bands they might never have heard of otherwise. Not to mention the publicity when linked with certain pubs, or radio stations as well as judges. You’d think that a Battle of the Bands would be accepted as a whole from the artist community and smiled upon to promote up and coming indie acts from across our neighbourhoods, provinces, and country.

Alas, my dream world was shattered as of late. There’s one company from Ontario that claims they own the rights to the term, “Battle of the Bands”. Not only do they claim to have ownership of the NAME, they go further to inform one of my favourite live music venues from Burlington, (The Legendary Red Rooster, that they own the entire IDEA surrounding a Battle of the Bands. Yup. You read correctly, Supernova, and their lawyers, (which remind me a little of Lional Hutz from the Simpsons at the moment for being complete and utter MORONS) are under the impression their trademark is 

“…not limited to the name, BATTLE OF THE BANDS itself. It also includes:

1) Our specific…model whereby mulitple independent bands compete in their performances before judges for various prizing…”

Are you kidding? Where are these people from? I’m kinda confused, as I seem to recall MANY battle of the bands from high school AND college, and this is the first I’m hearing of it considering Supernova has been a company since 1992. Supernova also owns the right to the arrangement and presentation of music competition for entertainment purposes in any form including festivals and fundraisers.

Like hell you do Supernova. As the CEO of the Rooster so tactfully put it, there are 195,000 hits as a result of a search on Google Canada of “Battle of the Bands”. That’s a fuck ton of suing this company has to do, and with a lawyer like Lional Hutz, I strongly doubt that anything will come of it. Besides, the Rooster does not, (and here I’m quoting the response to Supernova from the Rooster) “resemble(s) yours. (format of competition itself) We do not charge our bands an entry fee, we do not sell tickets, and we have a panel of celebrity and industry judges from many reputable firms…who judge…on talent and marketability not on the number of tickets sold.” Well played sir!

I felt the need to inform any of you about this as I feel companies such as Supernova, or Emergenza, (started from a past employee of Supernova itself) steal candy from babies. Their love for music is solely based on a cash symbol on a money bag, which I shouldn’t use, ’cause Gene Simmons owns it. They aspire to rape bands of their hard work, dedication and love for their music to pawn them off with a show at; what may be a great venue, but is held during the afternoon. On a Sunday.  Supernova prides itself on it’s strong business ethic but teaches young bands absolutely nothing about the industry whatsoever. They take a passion from multiple people individually and collectively and exploit their talent for capitol gain. Nothing is lost for the company. They make money, and will continue to make money as long as ignorance continues. I could honestly knock them for a whole day, but I think you’re smart enough to get the point.