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To Those of You That Have Loved…

Disclaimer: If you do not live in the 905/Hamilton area, this won’t make any sense, but I encourage you to personalize this blog and tell me how I have helped you through a tough time.

It’s been a long time coming kids.. I thought I’d get over it.. I thought that the pain where my heart is would have stopped hurting at this point, but alas.

I miss him.

I miss the smell, and the comfort he brought me…
I miss the warmness that encompassed my entire being and the lack of restraint I had when he was around…
I miss the fact that we never had to say a word and knew exactly what we were both thinking…

Yup. I miss Che’s 2 4 1 burritos.

Gone are the Tuesdays where I don’t eat all day just so I can save enough room to eat 3/4’s of my two bipolar choices of wrapped goodness.
I’ve been forced to say goodbye to the clever tinfoil packaging that brought me pleasure when I crumpled it up as I worked my way through the tortilla encompassed pleasure.
I now have to choose 1… !!!!!!!! ONLY 1 of my favourite groupings of tasty options printed on a menu of check-boxes.
When I travel, 2 4 1 burritos will no longer be a strategy to get people to move to Hamilton. We must now rely on the music scene, or convince them that 1 burrito is sufficiant. Which it’s not.

Question…Che..? What happened?
Not only have the options wilted before my eyes, but you’ve taken all purpose for Tuesday’s.
2 4 1 Tuesday’s at Che was a reason to get up in the morning, even though you’re not open in the a.m.
It was a chance for good aquaintences to become lunch buddies.
It was a social mixer intertwined with a better substitute for what’s around the corner.
It was a reason to call those you know are culinary massacres and teach them that sometimes, simple is better.

There is NO point to Tuesday now. You have abolished an entire purpose for a day by taking away 3 numbers. Every other day has a reason, like:

Monday is linked to Office Space, “Someone’s got a case of the Mondays!”

See below for your “optional” pieces of flare.

Wednesday is hump day. ‘Nuff said.

Thursday has really no rhyme or reason, but it’s close to Friday, so we let it slide.

Friday and Saturday are pretty self explanatory…

and Sunday is Get Drunk Sunday, or hangover day, or both.

So, where does that leave Tuesday?
If you don’t, I shall continue to complain everytime I’m in there for Burritos, as I make a point of being there on Tuesday’s just to piss you off.

Love, Amberley