Oh How I Miss the Early 90’s.

And you thought your high school pictures were bad....

And you thought your high school pictures were bad….

The early 90’s I think takes the cake for a bunch of headings including, best t.v., best fashion and best music. I’m not lying! Seriosuly! Think about it!!! We’ll start with fashion:

I just googled 90’s fashion and I can’t stop laughing! Why can’t we bring this back? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Think 90210, the original.  Anything they wore was pretty much the epitomy of couture at the time. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh god… sorry….

Suit jackets with shoulder pads, tie dye with plaid pants, overalls!!! The best part I think for me was the hypercolour tshirt. You sure you don’t remember hypercolour? I’ve been looking for one of these shirts for almost a year now, and can’t find one that hasn’t been put in the dryer yet. I really wish I could explain the many months of popularity that we had as children if you had one of these awesome t’s. Kids all over the playground during recess lifting their shirts to their mouths and blowing on them in order for the colour to change… classic childhood memory for those of us born in the 80’s.

Like, oh my god! Like, totally krossed out! Check this vid! It’s like… emo kids with a ‘tude man! like for real and junk!

Now that you know what hypercolor is, we can be friends.

ONWARD to …. T.V.!!!

Seeing as though I’m Canadian, the early 90’s were the SHIT (which is a good thing) for Canadian television. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

Who remembers Kid Street? Anyone??? ANYONE!?!??! COME ON!!! That show had the best clap ever, and no… not the STD variety… an actual clap, and every time I bust that bitch out, people wonder about my sanity. Do it with me:

Step 1: Raise hands above head

Step 2: Push elbows out like you’re making the ‘A’ in YMCA


Congrats guys! You have now participated in the Kid Street Clap!! WOO!!!

There was also “You Can’t Say That on Television” which had one of the greatest concepts for a t.v. show ever. Who doesn’t want to see green goop purged onto those early 90’s fashionable children from butt fuck no where Canada? I know I do… still… You tube is a great invention.

Degrassi, Degrassi, Degrassi… that show taught me so much.. such subjects were addressed that my mother would never be caught dead talking about. These included, but not limited to, Acid trips that lead to flying off bridges, wet dreams, (seriously, that episode is hilarious) teen pregnancy when it wasn’t considered “cool” and shoplifting.. another one of my favourite episodes, but I digress as Degrassi could be a whole blog on itself.

I loved Spike. She was rad.

SOOOOOO That brings us to the best of the cream of the bestest crop. Mussaak!

Off the top of my head, the following artists and/or bands come to mind:

Kris Kross, Vanilla Ice, Snow, Mr. T (yea, he had a couple hits), Alanis Morrissette (the original) Moxy Fruvous, TLC, Monica, Brandy, … shall I continue or do you get the point that popular music in the early 90’s RULED!?!?!?!??!?!

I still have tapes and actually blew the speakers in my first car playing the third remix of 2 Legit 2 Quit by M.C. Hammer. Then I sold the car to my step dad and then he sold it to his pastor. Oh M.C. Hammer… little do you know the impact you’ve had on Lutheran’s in Burlington.

Phew!!! Well kids! I hope you learned something!!! Maybe….? A little bit….? no??? meh. All I’m saying is that I wanna go back to that.. I think I fit in more in the early 90’s than the … early… 2000’s? does that even make any sense? That sounds stupid… next blog will be about that. If I remember. Which I won’t.

Got something to say about it? Let me know! I heart hate mail!!!



2 comments so far

  1. craig on

    Degrassi, although the last two seasons delved into the 90’s, is an 80’s show. You’re walking a fine line, Ms. Baggett.

    “I heart hate mail” <– epidomy of irony, i love it.

  2. lauren on

    isnt spike the one who got knocked up on degrassi? and shes holding an egg in that picture haha… another testament to the 90’s and its way of making the obvious extremely corny!

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