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Hey, so it’s been a little while since I last wrote one of these thingys. Since I began my work with punkradiocast, I’ve written 3 and Aaron, has written like, 80… not that we care what Aaron has to say other than that wicked post of the Kangaroo. I really really wanna be a kangeroo for hallowe’en now.. Actually, I was at the bar last night, and it’s Turkey Weekend, so everyone’s home for free food, and my buddy had this beer costume, so I decided to wear it around the bar. Shocking that people thought I looked out of place, but then again, aren’t I always?

Whew.. that was a tangent…

The D.J.’s at Punkradiocast were invited to a special Barfday Celebration for PRC in which we networked and admitted to strangers that the reason why we were there was to basically get free stuff from them in some form or another. Now, I realize that’s what industry stuff is, but I’m only a d.j… there’s really nothing I can do for most of the people that were there other than me being awesome and being your friend. Now THAT is priceless! There’s nothing else you could ever need in life than me on your side.. right? Uh.. yea.. agree to disagree.

Aren’t we sexy?

Anywho, while wandering aimlessly in the Gibson Showroom, I stumbled¬†upon the very guitar that makes me melt… yes, the Gibson Les Paul custom WHITE… (and that’s important) with Gold inlay.. Now, I must admit that the black IS sharp.. not quite as sexy as the white. It seems I would have stolen said guitar from said showroom, but my buddy Sumak already scammed the one that graced Burlington with it’s presence at Long and McQuade this summer.. Before I could rationalize the $4000 it would have taken for me to name it and have that name actually stick, Sumak bought it. Little does he know that that guitar will either go missing, or have a sticker on it by the end of time…. WATCH OUT SUMAK… Did you know it comes with a list of how to take care of it properly? Like… this is one serious guitar… which clearly my epiphone is not as it’s head completely snapped off the other day due to running Chickens….. I am sad…

Le drool

Le drool

SPEAKING OF MYSELF… I have just finished my brand spankin’ new website, where you can find links to pretty much everything I do for a “living”. I’m even thinking of putting up embarassing stories of myself, but then what would we talk about on the radio show? Uh.. that’s right! NOTHING! It’s all about content people.. content..This is the best blog ever